At our core is Human Dignity!

Kusema is a Swahili word which means To Speak. Kusema Africa was started in 2015 with the aim of speaking out on issues of human rights, social justice, and good governance as it affects Africans. We seek to inspire change, foster a culture of accountability and make the respect for human rights common place, while also providing an accurate, holistic narrative about Africa and Africans.

What makes us distinct is that our work is achieved using multi-media tools - from videos to pictures, art pieces, music and more.

Our mission

Our mission is to foster respect for the human dignity of Africans through the transformative power of multimedia storytelling and active engagement in public discourse. We strive to reshape perceptions and attitudes, catalyzing positive change through our commitment to impactful communication.

Our vision

Our vision is a world where Africans are universally respected, where our inherent dignity is upheld by leaders, fellow members of society, and individuals worldwide. We envision a future where the rights of African are safeguarded, ensuring equitable treatment and opportunities for all

Our team

The Kusema Africa team is made up of highly motivated Africans who have demonstrated considerable passion for change and development in Africa.

Adebayo Okeowo, PhD

Founder/Team Lead

Oluwatomi Okeowo

Coordinator, Special Projects

Omotayo Aweda

Advocacy Coordinator

Maryam Dan Habu

Coordinator, Grey Series